April 4, 2014

[Lifestyle] From Zero to Caffe Nero

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle

For the early morning Coffee addicts, daily essential meetings for Coffee breaks, Caffe Nero amongst others, has definitely created an early boost for caffeine and a communal area. There is no doubt, when your in London, you will see a coffee chain on every square district.  Just like  Caffe Nero founded in 1997 by Gerry Ford, he started with buying 5 retail sites in London, which soon expanded into an established brand in year 2000 with 31 cafes.  Bring authentic Italian style premium, high quality food and a communal gathering spot, we've all had to start somewhere with Coffee. My knowledge of Coffee was zero to none, it was like an educational school trip with a tour guide of the whole factory. Using all our senses, the atmosphere was filled with coffee fragrances that luckily didn't leave a coffee stain or perfume attached to your clothes. Roasted to perfection with the technical temperatures, taste testing to equivalently several times a day. Now you can appreciate all the process from packing to the morning sips of latte, expresso's or what ever tickles your tastebuds. If it's one thing on my lifestyle checklist, experiencing Caffe Nero's brand ethic, visiting the behind the manufacturing process and then, I can at least say I am gradually becoming a coffee lover, tasted a bit of Italy and instagrammed Coffee Art. 
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Photo's by Shay TheLondonite