January 1, 2014

[Lifestyle] Golden Year 2014

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle

[Monk Strap Shoes] Zara [Briefcase] Louis Vuitton [Blazer] H&M [ Sequin Shirt] H&M [Coat] Max Mara

Gold symbolises all thing's shiny, bling & hip to some extent and captivating with detail in the reflective shimmer. Whether its a supersize castle key to your pathway or the vision in the structure of frames (yes I like to have no lenses in my frame), the future is an unpredictable assumption. Stay tuned for what my brother gave me for Christmas in the golden Burberry package. I love my new Diesel interwoven hat, to keep my head down during windy times. Something we can value is the previous year, reflecting on great times, cherishing your friends around you and challenging risks in life with no regrets. Time is valuable, it goes so quick you realise your generation is fast and furious, undermining what is expected of you the following day. A quote I've stuck to recently is, ''if there's no improvement to your life, then there needs to be a change''. 

I had my palm reading, and yes to those who don't believe it, will only believe until the vision of your future is fate. I guess I can say that because I quite confused on how I reach this day if I hadn't of met my friend that told me to post pictures online, with no consequence that blogging was at all an existence. The future is bright, travelling and working and seeing life in a new light. Happy 2014 guys and thanks for following my journey. Instagram & Tweet me @Fashitect