January 24, 2014

[Lifestyle] Champagne Showers

By Toni Tran In Alcohol, Lifestyle
It's not exactly a Formula 1 Grand Pix celebration, except the chemicals involve alot of fizz, precise glass pouring (without the lava of bubbles erupting the glasses), and less of the shower spray. So I graduated my BA Architecture Part 1, as seen on my instagram feed (post coming soon). Although the thought of being drenched by Waitrose Champagne does sound tasty. Instead the complimentary celebration of my Graduation started with excitement and ended in a high.  Theres not party like an ''S club party, even if its your first time preparing a little get together. With the simplest of creative craftsmanship and model making skills to sculpture my canapés, deserts & antioxidized cocktail champagne, it was all a bit of a finger licking freestyle. Getting inspiration from Waitrose's official site, there are several ways to serve Champagne, even with food. Trust me the effort will be worth your photo snaps & a fulfilling party! 

Starter Canapé Appetites: Belinis, Garlic & Herb soft cheese with salmon & Dill leaves
Cheese Crackers, Brussels Pate, Prawns & Mussels & Radish served with Olives, Sundried tomatoes
Desert: Melted Bar of Milk Chocolate, dipped in strawberries and left in refrigerator to cool before serving.
Champagne: Summer Frozen Berries for a refreshing fruit taste & colour.