January 13, 2014

[Lifestyle] Bento Balham Review

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle
I think we can official say to some extent, photographing food is no laughing matter. Positioning the angles correctly, the exposed artificial lighting is crucial and the photographic ariel view, when I almost wanted to stand on a chair. The satisfying 10 course meal at Bento Balham Restaurant, was an absolute delight. Apart from an attractive piece of man made creation visually, Japanese Asian cuisines are a slight confusion as it may become decisive when choosing new dishes (to photograph of course) when there are over one hundred and one dishes. Whether your the brave one, or prefer to stick to the usual main course, theres perhaps a variation of taste-bud treats apart from the typical Sushi. The flavours are mouth watering, that doesn't scream out MSG or greasy oil that you can taste in your local Chinese Takeaway. You can say I am a perfectionist in presentation, photography and a 'food critic' for scrumptiousness on Instagram @fashitect #fattitect and without sounded over complimentary, but the food/service/interior was superb! For more information (location, menu and more) check their website.