January 28, 2014

[Grooming] Filming With Braun

By Toni Tran In Grooming, Lookbook

[Shoes] Russell & Bromley [Briefcase] Louis Vuitton [Coat] Max Mara [Scarf & Waistcoat] Zara [Gold Frames] Linda Farrow
Frankly, its a shock to myself as much as it would be to you. The sense that about 4 weeks ago I was challenged to grow facial hair, mission accepted. I thought it was impossible, to think that a little moustache and beard would make me more mature, physically. As much as this 'Fashitash' is growing on me, it would be a waste just to shave it all off right? During London Collection's Men, I was filming with Braun at The Apartment to share with you the new grooming shaver Braun Series 3. With a trimmer and clean shaven, your sure to get precision in the shower or on a regular routine. Am perhaps not your typical groomer when it comes to facial model, but supposing this new year new me approach started now. For me to shave my hair every 4 days is a perhaps a high maintaining addiction. Not to say I won't be tidying my tailored facial hair in the future. 
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Photo Credits to FashionistableOneDapperStreet