December 24, 2013

[Visual Diaries] Winter Wonderland

By Toni Tran In Lookbook

[Trousers] COS [Perspex Bag] Debenhams [Sweater] Ralph Lauren [Jacket] American Vintage
We've spent the last few days, perhaps even weeks or months for them really early organised freaks. Running round like headless chicken looking for the idea gifts. Complaining why christmas decoration was in stores during easter period, we realise how fast time can fly, even to remember what your relatives got you last year will always stick in your mind. For those going to Midnight or morning mass, putting on your best attire and looking rather festive all for this particular day. Christmas, family festive cheer and time to get super GREEDY with food (fattitect), or grateful in some occasion for the Christmas traditional lunch. Gain on the pounds, open your presents with fake smiles even if you ''LOVE IT!'' If its clothes that disguises my silhouette, my oversized trousers, elongates and adds characteristic that I am happy to say Flares are my new best friend. This was also my first time visiting Winter Wonderland, a place for photo bombers, definitely touristy cheer and memories you will always Cherish.

Location: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 
Photo by AlicePoint