November 14, 2013

[Lifestyle] Tumi Traveller

By Toni Tran In Holiday, Lifestyle

Something we all have in common is the experience to travel. We like to be tourists, visit new destinations and experience a culture other than your homeland. Transportation and transitions between flights is an adrenaline rushing emotion when your anxious to visit your travel destination. This Tumi Travel designed with Tegra-Lite, is manufactured to make life much better on the go. For those who might have a problem with loosing their luggages, fear no more with this Tumi Tracer, easily scanned to your phone app. It has four 360° swivel wheels for effortless manoeuvrability and this toffee striped palette is just perfect for this fall season. When lifestyle meets my needs, this is why I think travelling in style with Tumi luggage is my kind of accessory. Many thanks for the instore Event & KetelOne Vodka for the great cocktails!