October 29, 2013

[Travel] Porto By Day

By Toni Tran In Holiday, Lifestyle

The sudden transition from London to Porto was a rather surprising awakening. From gloomy autumn grey skies to a breath of fresh air arriving into Portugal; the weekend scheduled was a rather out of the blue (just like the sky). An expected dream as I was invited to attend the Porto Fashion Week accompanied with no other than the lovely Abi Marvel. Constantly being transported around like a loose canon, we immediately were driven to DOP Restaurante for a welcoming lunch by Chef Rui Paula (the food was divine, loved the desert Wine). 

Next stop was the wifi pit stop unit, aka known as the luxurious Intercontinental Hotels (more photos of hotel on next post). We was rather clueless and discovering a new fashion experience of our own, as seen on our instagram #marveltectportotimesIts perhaps not the fairest in comparing the Fashion standards compared to the main big fashion capitals, but to acknowledge that Porto has talented and creative designers out there, just like portuguese designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista (Lacoste’s creative director) ending the fashion week on a high, literally at 1am!! Talk about fashionably late, but am sure the night still had to go on with the Party after due. Make sure to check Part two of 'Porto by Night' coming soon. 
Photos by Abi Marvel