September 15, 2013

[Lookbook] Caramel Cake

By Toni Tran In Lookbook

[Shoes] Zara [Clutch] Louis Vuitton [Waistcoat] Vintage [Glasses] Spitfire
The night before I sleep, thinking of what I wear the next morning is always troubling my mind. Making sure I have not worn the same combination, so my options are to reinvent clothes with a twist. Layering my clothes metaphorically like a cake, building up the foundation of the cake base and adding different tones, finished off with accessories as if I was a caramel fudge and chocolate cake. The depth of field in Architecture plays with the facade appearance, some with symmetry, asymmetric designs, cantilevers and extrusions, just like the layering of today's outfit. My Architectural LaurelLondon phone case is just the perfect luxury accessory, fit for my lifestyle as Fashitect. 
Photos by Adam