September 29, 2013

[Lifestyle] The introduction to a relationship

By Toni Tran In Alcohol, Lifestyle

[Alcohol] Ron Zacapa Rum [Glass] Zara Home [Chocolate] Green & Blacks
At the beginning of all conversations, meeting and greeting new people starts from a blank canvas, ready to be fulfilled with questions and information. Sometimes you won't even remember where you first met this familiar face, but being reunited with memories will always put a smile. Zacapa Rum meet Green & Blacks Chocolate, a combination that will ooze with indulgence, giving a long lasting taste. Infused with matured aroma fragrances and mouth watering flavours of Vanilla, sherry casks & caramel cinnamon to name a few. Alexander & James offers an online service dedicated to the fine spirits and heritage craftmanship, ideal for them personalised gifts for your loved ones. There is nothing like being introduced over a glass of the finest spirits, but who knows where a few glasses will take you...