August 30, 2013

[Grooming] 50 Shades of Brown

By Toni Tran In Grooming

LOOKBOOK 50 Shades of Brown wearing Vintage Braces & Viltan London Snakeskin Belt  

Next Absolute Fragrance £8 for 50ml or £12 for 100ml & Daniel Wellington Classic York Watch $229   
For me, when it comes to styling myself, I think of the little details and accessories that make my outfit a little bit more interesting. It's the simplistic and effortless way to change an average every day style to my '50 shades of detail's styling book'. According to you and me, visual imagery is my extra tip to streetstyling, but it's the 'Oh la la' fragrance senses of Next's ABSOLUTE Eau de toilette that has people hugging you for more. It's not the over powering spells of roses, or a very masculine sprays that say 'Im ready to hit the Bar & Clubs' kind of smell. It's more neutral for every day use, neither feminine nor masculine, with notes of juniper & citrus, infused with lavender and cardamom; a tempting recipe ill always carry around. Seen my 50 Shades of Brown LOOKBOOK?