July 29, 2013

[Grooming] Morning Hair Routine with Fudge

By Toni Tran In Grooming
The Fudge Hair Product Range
Toni Tran @Fashitect Hair after the Shower
Toni Tran @Fashitect the messy hair process
Toni Tran @Fashitect wearing @Anoutfit Accessories 
Recently I had a haircut, if you have been following my Instagram weeks ago, I went from shoulder length to an eatable lips length. It's still pretty long, but at least I can still maintain my signature hairstyle and be sustainable with the amount of hairspray I need. Help is at hand with Fudge hair products which are mouth watering temptations that its good enough to eat, (it's not a fattitect food post). Fresh off the premium market, the diverse range of products available, helps to create stylish and innovative hair creations. People ask ''How long it takes to do my hair?'' I just say its all in the effort that counts. Sculptural with a foundation base of combing, its all in the construction of Architecture in my hair.