November 20, 2012

Visual Diary: Berlin Ein Tag

By Toni Tran In Holiday
It's amazing how far 1 hour on the plane can take you, in comparison to an underground train ride into central london. Here I am in Berlin, freezing my fingers off in 3 degrees, attempting to take photographs of what we got up to during our first few hours of my Adidas Neo Label trip. My attempt in German wasn't too bad from my school academic days, but English and surprisingly Vietnamese was at hand. The building facades are refined, and restricted in the surrounding context, with occasional artistic graffiti marks scattered on buildings.  There is no escape from Berlin Shopping, as all the shop interiors were polished and presentable. Vintage shopping, is one of my favourite places to shop, hunting for them historic volumised pieces. It felt like just a dream, stay tuned for my Adidas Neo Label journey living the dream.