May 23, 2012

[LSF] Maloviere

By Toni Tran In London Street Fashion
By far the most stylish man I have photographed, one in a thousand find he is.
Just as I was walking home towards the train station, I managed to spot the very stylish man Maloviere. To start off, his style matches his unique name, surely one of a kind. Capturing him at the bus stop amongst the crowd has shown to be a rewarding find and a reason why I do London street fashion. It was worth the extra minutes of the end of my sunny day in London and is my far the best stylish man I have ever photographed.
I am a absolute fan of briefcases, having 5 myself, I love the history and era in which men use to have Briefcases instead of today's rucksacks, holdall bags and shoulder bags. The picturesque and charismatic man is wearing complimentary browns and beiges in his outfit. Not forgetting the accessories of the red blazer napkin matching his red necked sweater, gold buttoned checked waistcoat. His dog is just divine to be by his side, even with a matching light brown lead. 
Maloviere didn't seem like a man that should be waiting for the public transport, more than a carriage I would say. It was like a scene from the 20th Century that had just been mismatched to the modern times of the 21st century. I wondered how he came about being stylish, he said he'd just gone for a casting, and had been in the fashion industry for about 30 years.