April 9, 2012

The Glass Staircase

By Toni Tran In Architecture
It's been a long time since I last posted my work on here. Make sure you check out the Architecture tab on the header for more work like this. For this project, the concept was to focus on designing a staircase in context of the proposal design for a lido project. The focal point for my glass stairs is based on the illusion of perspective, that it appears to be wider from human height measuring 5meters and gradually descends towards the top at 3meters. Leading up the stair case you are taken through a journey looking down at the beach as it is based over the thames water. Gradually reaching 19 steps you get the view of the whole landscape of the thames and sky. Here is another model that i can say am proud of, when there is effort and time, am sure to keep it for the record. 
Behind the Scenes Stairs model making

Materials used: MDF, perspects, cocktail sticks