April 24, 2012

[LB] Back to School

By Toni Tran In Lookbook
It's been a rather long time since I have posted on Fashitects, 20 days to be exact. I have been busy working on Architecture work, aside acting in film set for a BBC 3 TV programme, Bad Education starring comedian Jack Whitehall. Not much can be revealed at the moment but I can tell you its about School. Who thought my schedule was possible, sleepless days and constantly working in my studio as soon as they call 'It's a wrap!' until the next day... At this rate, social life is not an option but on a plus, here's a quick lookbook on my outfit.

[Double breasted Jacket] Topman [Boots] Hudsons
Photo credits by Corinne
I attempted to add a stylised twist with draping the baggy trousers around my legs into the boots for the illusion of slim fit. High waisted trousers and tucked in tie. Who wears these fat ties nowadays, there is literally enough material for two ties there. Apart from my new double breasted jacket just hanging there on my shoulders, the jacket is very diverse in styles. 
Year 10 at Secondary School, 15 years old?