March 19, 2012

What makes London, London?

By Toni Tran In Holiday
After being nominated on Stylish City Blogs, as a London Blogger, I questioned what makes the city I have lived in for my whole life so great, in comparison to other countries I've visited. After revisiting pictures taken within London, I've chosen a small selection of images showing what makes London the city it is.
The night time city Life.
There's nothing like quirky street art, entertaining the public and posing for style.
The multicultural city of people shaping our everyday life. 
The Transport London offers, Boris Johnson Rental bikes, the train services, british car designs and the black cab. Not forgetting the bus
Iconic Architecture that is both historic and modern attractions. 
The divine cakes and food, restaurants and cafe bars. 
Shopping at Oxford Street with Christmas decorations. The British weather, got to love the clouds and sun shine. 
Iconic British fashion, heritage designs, quirky, bold and statements in fashion (Street Fashion photo of Coco & Paloma Faith Artist) 
Captured on a Tram of the o2, an ending to another day of our lives.
What shapes London in society, what brings tourists to the country, visiting the iconic attractions and experiencing new places? There are some photos you can't take a picture of, such like money because you've spent it, the shops because your shopping, clubbing because your partying. Plus there are many thing's I never knew London had to offer. The different nationalities and cultures brought into one city, the food, Architecture, places and experiences that not all countries have to offer. Not forgetting our british weather, our history, all kinds of artists and designers and last but not least the fashions capital!