March 1, 2012

LFW Outfit Day Two

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, Press
Brogues [John White England] Trousers [Malaysia] Reversible Blazer [Riverisland] Iowa Cardigan [All saints] Camera [Priceless] 
 A pretty laid back look for today, casual and comfortable for street snapping. Excuse my japanese inspired hairstyle as it was windy so a hairband was at hand. This photo landed on Tumblr somehow thanks to Street of Style and managed to get me recognised on London Streets. What a weird experience from being seen online and being met by people. Just shows what a small world it is. 

A photographer asked to take a picture of me today. Looking puzzled,she realised she had taken a picture of me last year at LFW in September and then showed me The Brazilian Post newspaper.  Both surprised to meet each other again, she kindly gave me her magazine, with a massive smile on my face that made my day. Am pretty honoured for this, something i'd cherish, the fact its from Brazil!

Toni Tran @Fashitect in Brazilian Newspaper
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