November 20, 2011

[LB] Venice Day Three

By Toni Tran In Holiday
Why am I in Venice? Here for a architecture study of Light & Water, what better city to experience these themes for a project. The constant flow of water, a working environment in a distressed city with alot of historic stories and events. Some of which have had many hollywood films, such as The Tourist with Johnny Dept, Indian Jones etc.
Photographs of the Rialto Bridge, main centre for markets- importing and trading goods
Catching yet another water taxi to the Venice Beach on another Island, where it felt like real land. Normal street roads instead of water and bridges, i felt stable on normal grounds. Walking through the town and spotting rows and rows of vintage bicycles!
I have never seen so many rows of chained bicycles
Heres to the end of yet another tiring day, but what a beautiful sunset and architecture silhouette captured on the boat taxi home. This pretty sums up my Venice experience so far, the construction cranes, water, amazing warm colours and the silhouette of the church.