November 19, 2011

[LB] Venice Day One

By Toni Tran In Holiday
On the way to Stansted Airport, to greet onto the ryanair experience. Not the best of mid-air flights, I guess you pay for a cheap flight for a reason. The stampede of people boarding the plane was like running to the finish line in a race (Speedy Gonzalez). A couples of hours in mid-air flight we arrive to Venice Marco Polo, settling down in the hotel and wondered the water city.

Mostly every shop sold Venetian Marks, a traditional festival every two years
Graphics Design: Leaftlet Guide made in 2009 from a preview visit to Venice
Bon apetite to the first dinner in Venice. Traditional choices of Spaghetti, pasta & pizzas from the menu.

I will be document my 5 days in Venice, daily outfits, places & Architecture...stay tuned!

Ben Sherman Two Tone Brogues [Photos by Katrin]
[Brogues] Ben Sherman [Bag] Desigual [Jeans] Uniqlo [Shirt] Bershka [Sweater] Vintage