July 27, 2011

[LB] Peniche Collection

By Toni Tran In Uncategorized
STRIPES: Using inspiration from the sailor's outfit to create my look of striped vest top with the blue tailored line on the blazer. WEARING: Topman Blazer, Primark Vest, Altered Zara Trousers & Topman Boat shoes, Rayban Bag
TIDAL SPLASH - Causing a splash with this beach summer look. Colours of the Sky and sea waves to create a surfer's outfit of blue and white florals and stripes. WEARING: Primark Striped Vest. Thanks to Vanessa. M for the photo's capturing the water splashes in time.
TUCK & FOLD: Folding the ends and rolling them up to create a more casual smarter approach. Having my hair down for once is a change. WEARING: River island Cardigan, American Eagle Polo, Topman Skinnyfit Trousers and Surf Shoes & Riverisland Bag